Academic Research

1.    Application of signal processing technique for characterisation and monitoring of yarn faults (Doctoral Research)

2.    Design and Development of Computer Controlled New Drafting System to produce Multi-colour Pattern Blending to get Fancy Effect in Garment and Made-ups (RP01900)

3.    Predicting and engineering the air-jet textured yarn properties using artificial neural network

4.    Studies on Air-Jet Texturing of Different types of Feed Yarns (M.Tech. Project)

5.    Spinning of polypropylene fibre on open end spinning (B.Tech. Project)


Industrial Research

1.    Methodology for research and product development studies

2.    Development of new products based on 100 % Acrylic fibre

3.    Designing and construction of test equipment for R&D

4.    Developing test methods for testing bulk, shrinkage and resiliency of 100% acrylic bulked yarns

5.    Analysis of quality related data and formulating statistical analyses

6.    Designing and Implementation of quality control systems

7.    Designing of system for monitoring yarn and fabric quality

8.    Preparation of standards and specifications manual for Reliance Industries Limited (Textile Division)

9.    Studies for productivity and quality control in spinning and weaving departments